Dan (TheFryingPan) is Demon and a Goblin. The origins of this specimen is unknown but their main trait is being very hairy, greasy and generally repulsive. Dan is protected by a thin membrane made of grease and hair, this does not serve much physical protection but they are moderately resistant to magicial and cursed attacks. As a cursed being, Dan has a large amounts of dark energy but little force to use it. Dan mainly attacks using his nails though effective on bare targets this is a fairly weak attack. Dan also uses dark magic in two forms, Curse and Grease. Cursed attacks that Dan uses are not usually for combat but for his demonic work as the 'Dab Demon'. The Dab Demon is a service where you give an offering to Dan and he places a Curse on an unsespecting target. Grease attacks are mostly used by Dan in combat, such as flinging balls of grease at his targets and Grease Secretion; combusting into grease and spraying all surroundings in grease.

Dan is of a lesser Goon Ranking and a general nuisance to be around, but don't be fooled that is just a speciality of Dan as he is meant to be a creature of great repultion.

"I'm the Dab Demon, and im here to chuckle ya fuckin cheeks"