Gremlin is one of the lowest ranking Goons in the Goon Squad, as his name is the same as the lowest rank. Gremlin is one of a kind however he may be low ranking but his power is quite strong. Gremlin is known for following and annoying Lardo. He was given his name by Scruh, as such Scruh was inspired to name the lowest ranking of Goon after him. In battle Gremlin fights by moving around at extreme speed and latching on to his opponent screeching in their ear, this can cause hearing loss. He can also wield weapons quite well his favorite being his sword, he was trained by Scruh but Scruh got tired of him not paying attention and gave up. He is a trouble maker and often gets himself into situations. He is the strongest of the 4 known Gremlins.

"hee hee XD" -Gremlin

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