Jearmy is one of Scruh's favorite Goons as such he is high ranking among the Goon Squad, his designated title is "Hobgoblin General". He has authority over all hobgoblins and Dan (the frying pan), Dan being his sub Goon he was personally picked by Jearmy himself. Dan initially ranked as a hobgoblin but was demoted to Gremlin because he was too greasy. Jearmy hangs around Scruh quite a lot he is involved in lots of his shenanigans. Jearmy was also trained by Scruh who passed on his hidden technique of the "Head Knock Move' a powerful attack Scruh describes as "A real head knocker if ya know what im sayin, they might as well already be in space" Jearmy doesnt quite understand what it means but he trusts Scruh knows what he's talking about.

Jearmy was around for the Goons biggest cooking success, they made some pretty neat scallion pancakes that received unanimous approval from all who tasted them, Jearmy will most likely participate in other cooking experiments with Scruh in the future.

For a time Jearmy ran the Scruh YouTube channel while Scruh was presumed dead from the fight at the end of the anime season facing Edgy Sean, during the time he ran the channel he was the main focus in the videos produced at the time. Scruh who was not dead and was just wandering around looking for his hat found Jearmy after he defeated the demon Scurse and took his hat back.