King Cudgel
King Cudg2

King Cudgel is a Ongustralian with a low power level of 6. He is from and ruler of a small country called Ongusieland with population of only 14. He comes from a family of beekeepers and they sell a variety of bee products at their honey shop in Ongusieland. Then one day he entered the God's tournament to win a Cosmic Radish after being called a wimp by his little 4 year old brother. In the tournament he was inevitability defeated in the first round by by Wizro (Lardo in disguise). Now he resides back in Ongusieland recovering from his many injuries. Now he seeks Revenge against Wizro for defeating him. King Cudgel has a wide variety of powers and abilities such as the ability to speak to onions and shallots, he has a sick Ongustralian accent, and he has a powerful onion blast that makes people start to tear up but he can rarely use it.