Totem is a powerful creature who protects the sacred forest. His only purpose (that he knows of) is to make sure only "worthy legends" can enter the forest, and to protect the forest from being destroyed. Totem sits at the main entrance of the sacred forest and examines any people who come by to see if they are worthy. Totem has two forms, "Defense Form" is his more compact form that is able to take a heavy amount of damage. "Attack Form" is his taller state where he uses illusion magic to confuse his target, and then takes them down with techniques passed down only by "Totem Elder Gods." When Totem gets very fired up, he uses his special move, "Totem E X P A N D." During "Totem E X P A N D," Totem increases to his tallest possible height, and creates extreme pressure in the air all around himself, making himself almost untouchable, he also calls forth the power of the Original Totem God and gains unbelievable strength and speed.